Post Adapter Plate


  • Compatible with all FEMTO photoreceiver series PWPR, FWPR, OE, LCA-S and HCA-S
  • M4 and 8-32 UNC threads suitable for standard optical mounting posts
  • High-tensile material
  • Mounting screws included

Optical breadboard compatibility for FEMTO photoreceivers

The post adapter plate expands the optical breadboard mounting options for FEMTO photoreceivers. Even for photoreceivers that are already equipped with post mounting threads the post adapter plate enlarges the mounting position options.
Due to the integrated M4 and 8-32 UNC tapped holes, standard posts for breadboard systems can be easily mounted to the photoreceiver via the adapter plate. The high-tensile material as well as the high manufacturing quality of the adapter plate guarantee a solid fixation.

Easy to mount in various positions

With this very useful accessory FEMTO photoreceivers are easily applied to almost any optical table/breadboard system in just a few steps. Various mounting positions are selectable. The markings M4 and 8-32 help to choose the relevant thread for mounting the post subsequently.


  • Mounting FEMTO photoreceivers to optical tables/breadboards
  • Expanding the mounting options for all FEMTO photoreceiver series PWPR, FWPR, OE, LCA-S and HCA-S