FEMTO Messtechnik GmbH – Who We Are

FEMTO is the leading manufacturer of low-noise amplifier modules with a broadly diversified product base and continually expanding markets. Founded in 1995 with the mission of developing "sophisticated tools for signal recovery" FEMTO has built a broad range of products that includes current amplifiers, voltage amplifiers, lock-in amplifiers, and photoreceivers. To us, "sophisticated tools for signal recovery" means that every product we develop must offer a significant advantage over comparable products available in the market.

The essential Company Data in a Summary:

  • Foundation: 1995
  • Location: Berlin / Germany
  • Main product lines: low-noise preamplifiers, lock-in amplifiers, photoreceivers
  • Main customers: photonics and electronics industry, universities, scientific institutes and research labs
  • Main customer applications: spectroscopy, photonics, surface analysis, quality inspection, process control, laser physics, ultra-sensitive measurements