• Compatible with all FEMTO photoreceivers with threaded 1.035″-40 free space input (FST-models)
  • Easy mounting option for standard optical fibers
  • Recommended for photosensitive areas of 0.4 mm diameter or more
    (coupling efficiency may be compromised for photodiodes with smaller diameter)
  • Machined from solid stainless steel
  • Available adapter types: PRA-FC (FC/PC, FC/UPC), PRA-FCA (FC/APC) and PRA-FSMA
  • Other types on request


With the photoreceiver accessory series FEMTO offers fiber connectors which allow connecting the most common types of optical fibers to photoreceivers with 1.035″- 40 externally threaded free space input without considerable optical losses. Adapters for optical cables with FC connectors (FC/PC, FC/APC, FC/UPC) and FSMA connectors are available.

Fiber Connector TypeFC/PC, FC/UPCFC/APCFSMA

Mounting tool AT-W1

The spanner wrench serves for fast mounting and unmounting of the FEMTO fiber-adapters PRA-FC, PRA-FCA und PRA-FSMA to the 1.035″-40 free space input (FST-models) of FEMTO photoreceivers.

TypeSpanner wrench